Water Heater Repair | Water Heater Maintenance

Hot Water Services for Your Boston Area Family.

Most of the people who visit this page do so for one reason: they either have zero or not enough hot water. And while there are some plumbing “issues” you might be willing to live with temporarily, this isn’t one of them.

Here’s how water heater repair works, P.C. style:

  • We service and repair all makes and models of gas, electric, heat pump, and tankless water heaters.
  • P.C. Plumbing, Heating & Air provides 24/7 emergency repair service.
  • We’ll arrive at your home in a well-stocked truck to help expedite job completion.
  • After diagnosing the problem, we’ll provide a guaranteed price quote for your approval.
  • We use only high-quality parts and material.
  • We’ll thoroughly clean up after ourselves and explain exactly what our service entailed.
  • If there are any new operating instructions, we’ll go over them with you in plain English.

And should your water heater be beyond repair? Just as we excel in water heater repair, we’re highly skilled in water heater installation.

Water Heater Maintenance | Water Heater Safety Inspection

The average lifespan of a storage tank water heater is 10-12 years…up to 20 years for a tankless system.

Either way, they don’t last forever. But they can last longer and perform better with annual water heater maintenance, something we highly recommend. So does your system manufacturer.

During a P.C. performance and safety inspection, we check everything, including the safety relief valve, emergency shutoff valve, water temperature, emergency gas shutoff valve, and more.

Health & Safety Matters

Throughout the inspection process, our primary focus is your system’s safe operation. These are the safety concerns we pay special attention to:

  • Potential for Burns – Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to scalding. To play it safe, we recommend keeping the temperature at 120 degrees or less.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks – The leading cause of accidental poisoning in the United States, carbon monoxide can leak from any fuel burning appliance, including your gas water heater.
  • Natural Gas Leaks – Natural gas has a rotten egg smell which aids in prompt detection and evacuation. Our goal is to prevent gas leaks as natural gas is a highly combustible substance.

For the best and safest in year-round water heater performance, trust your home and family to the pros: P.C. Plumbing, Heating & Air.