Air Cleaners | Whole-House Air Purifier

Had Enough of All That Sneezing & Coughing? Then Let’s Do Something About It.

No, this is not an invitation to join an outdoor air pollution pep rally. Instead, today our focus is on indoor air pollution. Why? Because according to the EPA, indoor air across America is twice as polluted as the air outdoors. In some cases, it can be up to 100 times more polluted.

How about your home? Do you feel fine outside your home but find yourself reaching for a tissue five minutes after you return? If so, chances are you can benefit from our indoor air quality services.

What follows are two unique ways we can rid your home of the allergy-producing or aggravating pollutants that plague you.

Whole-House Air Filter | Air Filtration System

Air filtration systems work best in homes with central air conditioning and forced air heating, meaning your conditioned air is supplied year-round through air ducts. Does that sound like your house? Then you’re an immediate candidate for a whole-house air filter, one we can install inside your air ducts.

Best of all, your whole-house air filter will remove more than 99% of airborne dust, dirt, plus bacteria and other pollutants as they travel through your ducts. That keeps them out of your living spaces and, more importantly, out of your lungs.

A whole-house air filter isn’t a cure for your allergies, asthma, or other upper respiratory ailments. But it will remove most of the pollutants that either caused them or continue to make things worse.

UV Lamps | UV Air Filtration System

To borrow a football analogy, let’s call a whole-house air filter a goal post. As in, it stay put and waits for touchdown or field goals to come to it.

By contract Ultra-violet (UV) air filtration lamps are more like running backs…they go out and attack airborne pollutants, destroying their DNA as they make contact.

Like a whole-house air filter, a UV air cleaner is installed inside your ductwork where it works year-round to improve the quality of your air.

Which system might be your best option? Contact P.C. Plumbing, Heating & Air today so we discuss these and other indoor air quality solutions.