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We Cater to the Energy-Conscious Consumer in More Ways Than One.

Today’s consumer is far more energy conscious than their parents, and their parents before them.

Between what we learn on our own and what our kids report to us from their school studies, it’s hard to escape the dual realities of rising costs and a shrinking supply of natural resources, thus making energy conservation a virtual necessity.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this page to anyone who at least wants to know more about the two most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home.

Ductless Air Systems

There are thousands of homes in the Greater Boston area that don’t have air ducts, and where it would be highly impractical or too costly to install them. And up until the early 1980’s, those home owners could not enjoy the benefits of central air conditioning.

Today, however, you can enjoy the best in indoor comfort with a ductless air system. Just like it sounds, a ductless air system has or needs no air ducts. Instead, each system comes with at least one outdoor condensing unit, each of which can support up to five wall blowers that distribute conditioned air one area or room at a time. Here’s what else you can look forward to with a ductless air system:

  • One remote controller per wall unit
  • Quiet operation
  • Up to 30% energy savings over central air
  • One system that can provide cool air only, or heating and cooling combined

Plus, we can design a ductless air system to heat and cool your entire home, or just those rooms not currently reached by your central heating and cooling systems. That makes it a great choice either for a starring or supporting role.

Air Source Heat Pumps

For the ultimate in energy efficiency, there’s nothing quite as effective as an air source heat pump.

Your new heat pump would take the place of your current central air and heating systems. It can even be designed to provide for all your family’s hot water needs.

Here’s more to like about converting to an air source heat pump:

  • Saves space as no fuel storage is required
  • Reduced carbon emission
  • Safe operation…no combustion involved and no emission of potentially dangerous gases
  • No flues required
  • Greater ease of maintenance compared to separate heating and cooling systems

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