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P.C. Heating & Plumbing provides Billerica homeowners with their plumbing and drain cleaning needs. Billerica homeowners who are having plumbing problems are serviced the same day their call is received and expert technicians are trained to provide service according to the industry's highest quality standards.

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Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our Billerica plumbers specialize in prompt, professional service for leaking pipes, blown water heaters, and unstoppable clogs. We operate the best stocked trucks in Billerica, an efficiency that saves the customer time and money.

Billerica Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters conserve energy. Traditional water heaters have a tank that is constantly filled with water. The traditional water heater provides hot water in your home by constantly heating the water in the tank to maintain it at a set temperature. Tankless water heaters work differently. Tankless units heat water by activating a set of coils that become hot when the unit is turned on. As the water passes over the coils, it is heated. The temperature set on the control determines how hot the water will be when it comes out of the tap and, thus, how hot the coils become and how quickly the water moves across the coils. Tankless water heaters conserve energy by only heating the amount of water needed at a given moment and by heating the water only when it is needed.

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Billerica Drain Cleaning

It would be reasonable to assume that you have, at least once in your life, had been into the nightmare of a clogged drain. The water won't go down, the sink had turned into a rectangular basin of after-wash water and, when misfortune really hits you, the water in the bathroom had gone ankle-high ' all because of clogged drains. As a homeowner in Billerica who has more things to do than to spend your day dealing with water than won't go down, this could prove to be really frustrating. (And the examples don't even mention yet the headache you'd get from a toilet that won't flush!)

Of course, it wouldn't be surprising if, every once in a while, you have assumed the role of a professional Billerica plumber and fix the problem yourself. After all, some clogged drains are just caused by minor problems like a toy stuck on the sink pipe. However, when it comes to the more serious stuff, it would really be more important than you don't play Mr. Plumber and try to address the problem your own way. There are professional plumbers who have been trained to do that job and it would be best that you leave the problem in their hands.

Okay, so when do you call Mr. Plumber for your Billerica clogged drain problem? Clogs that are recurring, blockages caused by thick grease, clogged sewer pipes and other more serious problems would call for professional help. These are jobs that require the expertise of professionals, including their tools, chemicals and gadgets. More often than not, these problems are signs for more serious conditions concerning your plumbing system. Messing up with this serious stuff could be dangerous to the untrained, if not detrimental to the condition of your plumbing system.

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